Sunday, July 17, 2022

Christofascism - get used to that word because you will be hearing a lot more about it

    America's future if certain people have their way.

People are starting to realize that attacks on the LGBTQ community all of these years was only the small part of a larger attempt to push America in a far-right conservative evangelical direction. Or in other words, towards the direction of  dominionist theology - a belief which states that America is a Christian nation which should be governed by a conservative evangelical interpretation of the Bible

It's a polite way of saying 'Christofascism.'  I would suggest that folks get used to that term because we will be hearing it a lot in the future. For one thing, people are questioning recent rulings of the Supreme Court in terms of how they could be weakening the wall between church and state.

And then there are these folks in the video below:

According to Newsweek

A video of a church event in Georgia has gone viral as it showed a congregation vow to save the United States and take the country "back" during a 4 minute-long declaration. The video, which has been viewed more than 1 million times on Twitter, was taken during a FlashPoint Live Church event on July 1 at the Gas South Arena in Duluth, Georgia. 

The speakers for the event included preacher Gene Bailey, evangelical leader Lance Wallnau, preacher Mario Murillo and pastor Hank Kunneman. In the video, a group of men on stage recite the "Watchman Decree" and the churchgoers eventually also join in. The decree states that believers have been given "legal power from heaven" to exercise their authority and declares "America's executive branch of government will honor God and defend the Constitution." It also adds that Congress will only write laws that are "righteous and constitutional."

This viral video comes at a time of growing Christian nationalism in the U.S. Politicians like Republican Representatives Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Lauren Boebert of Colorado have welcomed this trend. The declaration concludes with those reciting it proclaiming that the U.S. will be saved and that the country will be taken back.

 "We know this country was founded on Judeo-Christian principles," the group said in the final parts of the prayer declaration. "We know the truth; therefore we stand for truth and will NEVER be deceived. We will NEVER stop fighting! We will NEVER, EVER, EVER give up or give in. We WILL take our country back. We WILL honor the ONE TRUE GOD, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob! AMERICA SHALL BE SAVED!"