Thursday, June 03, 2021

Conservatives having fits about Blues Clues and Pride Month. Good. Let them suffer.

Some conservatives are angry at the children's show Blues Clues for its association with LGBTQ Pride Month. Apparently these folks are all in a tizzy that the show has the temerity to spotlight the reality that LGBTQ families are raising children and that these families shouldn't be dehumanized.

To me, this is about the attempted deliberate erasure of families and their children, so my words to these individuals going through Helen Lovejoyish hysterics about children being corrupted wouldn't be polite It would involve me telling them to engage in certain sexual activities by themselves. 

Rather than lowering myself in that manner, however, I think I will hand it over to someone who can be a bit more eloquent than I would like to be. 

From Entertainment Weekly:

RuPaul's Drag Race Miss Congeniality winner Nina West is living up to her title as she defends her new LGBTQIA+ Pride campaign — created in collaboration with the animated Nickelodeon children's series Blue's Clues and You — from conservative critics. 

 West exclusively tells EW that "representation" and "inclusivity" matter most during Pride season, and that "LGBTQIA+ families deserve a safe space to raise their children and celebrate their individuality and grow without fear." That sentiment, West feels, holds true even amid backlash against her video project with the kid-focused network — featuring an animated version of West leading a sing-along through the Blue's Clues Pride Parade starring nonbinary animal characters carrying intersectional Pride flags — which detractors have recently slammed for "flagrantly" pushing "gender confusion and sexualized themes" at children.

. . . "What I love about my collaboration with Nickelodeon and Blue's Clues and You! is that we celebrate everyone that makes up our LGBTQIA+ community. It reminds us all that we are integral for the fight for equality," West says. "My job is to not only provide a space for celebration and fun but to reiterate, specifically to my community, that LGBTQIA+ are valid, worthy, and perfect the way they are. I will always continue to choose kindness and positivity and lead with love while educating people on LGBTQIA+ issues and equality. Happy Pride!"

Let me just wrap this up by saying if these folks don't like the idea of children and their families celebrating Pride, they need to get over it, deal with it, or do whatever they need to do. 

As been by the video above, what they will not do is erase us, our families, and especially not our children.

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