Thursday, March 11, 2021

Twitter poll - What's the best thing about Donald Trump no longer being president?

Some have said that since Donald Trump is no longer president, we should forget about him or ignore him. I don't want to forget Donald Trump. I don't want to ignore him either. I want to wreck his legacy and piss on his reputation. I don't want there to be ANY possibility that anyone in the future could repair or recast the shame of his presidency into something great.

Take time out whatever drama you may or not may not be dealing with and help me out with this rather easy Twitter poll. I have a feeling that I know how it will turn out. Still, it's simple fun. Enjoy yourself. and by all means, leave comments either on this post or Twitter.

'Houston bakery facing two employment discrimination lawsuits' & other Thur midday news briefs

Houston Bakery Facing Two Anti-LGBTQ+ Discrimination Lawsuits- It has nothing to do with baking cakes, either. This look very interesting.

Republican wants to allow youth a “reasonable accommodation” to avoid trans people - What the heck is that? They think of new stuff to screw with people. 

TV’s queer explosion - Oh? We're all over television again.

Some Faith Leaders Call Equality Act Devastating; For Others, It's God's Will - It's not hard to decide which side is right, y'all.