Wednesday, July 27, 2022

Anti-LGBTQ site Libs of TikTok deletes tweet after attempt to smear teachers as 'groomers' backfire

Libs of TikTok ended up deleting this tweet after it failed to cause outrage.

Poor Libs of TikTok

The site's latest attempt to portray teachers and LGBTQ folks as 'groomers' of children backfired. Hard. People ended up praising the high school for its innovation and fun. It's getting harder and harder to push that outrage mojo.  And the tweet below is right. Sometimes the most annoying and dangerous people are the ones who see ugliness in everything. Especially in every facet of LGBTQ life.

Hat tip to Ari Drennen, LGBTQ Program Director for Media Matters for America.

DeSantis claims that teachers are 'instructed' to tell kids that they may be transgender (but of course he doesn't back it up)

Ron DeSantis makes a claim about teachers which he doesn't back up

This is the thing with the constant attempt to create outrage. You get openly desperate and downright ludicrous. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has made a huge name for himself with the lie that LGBTQ people and drag queens are supposedly 'grooming' kids to be sexually active.

Now he has taken that nonsense a step farther. He definitely has presidential aspirations but with this new claim to his moral panic, DeSantis seems to be running out of juice.

From the New Civil Rights Movement

 Florida GOP Governor Ron DeSantis, continuing his months-long, fear-based attack on the LGBTQ community, appears to be claiming that elementary school teachers are “instructed” to tell children they they might be transgender, and insisting if anyone dares to disagree with him, they are “lying.” 

 . . . “This will be for elementary school kids, where they’re instructed to tell them, ‘You may have been born a boy, that may have been what you said, but maybe you’re really a girl.’ That’s wrong. That has no place in school – so that is happening in our country. Anyone that tells you it’s not happening is lying to you,” DeSantis, talking very fast, says in the video.

The New Civil Rights Movement went on to say that many folks have called DeSantis out, demanding that he prove his claim.  

Now y'all know damn well that he is not going to do that. I don't think his press secretary Christina Pushaw or the Libs of TikTok site can help him out either. Not saying that they won't try, though. I am sure that they will dig something up having nothing to do with DeSantis's claim as proof that his charges are real. And of course the propaganda right in the media and on Twitter will do their best to amplify it.

I actually want to see what they will attempt to come up with because this is slowly becoming entertaining. Granted, I still find the attacks on LGBTQ people and the accusations that we are 'grooming' kids to be false and disgusting. 

But it always somewhat interesting when the anti-LGBTQ lies get to this stage. Oh you didn't think this was new, did you? DeSantis's lie about teachers telling kids they may be trans mimics past lies about gays and children. And lies that gays have thousands of sex partners. And lies that gays have a short lifespan.   With these lies, there is always a point where the teller stretches them out until they can go no further. And they pop back, snapping the liar in the face.

DeSantis is long past due for his pop back.

'Group of attorney generals suing Biden Administration over LGBTQ school meal directive' & other Wed midday news briefs

Texas attorney general Ken Paxton

Ken Paxton Among AGs Suing USDA Over LGBTQ School Meal Directive
- This is a heartless lawsuit. 

Some rugby players in Australia refuse to wear LGBTQ Pride jersey - So they don't and they sit out. We all know conservatives will brand them as the supposed new martyrs.