Wednesday, October 09, 2019

Ellen DeGeneres/George Bush controversy is a misguided waste of time for the LGBTQ community

While the LGBTQ community raises hell at Ellen DeGeneres (top picture) for her friendship with George Bush, the Alliance Defending Freedom (bottom picture) continues to elude proper outrage as it undermines our equality.

This controversy with some folks - particularly in the LGBTQ community - getting angry at Ellen DeGeneres because she chilled with former president George Bush at a ball game is some straight-up exhausting bullshit.

I get the anger about Bush with regards to the lie about weapons of mass destruction and how he exploited homophobia to get re-elected in 2004. I agree that he has a lot to answer for.

But this ain't it. In the first place, no one is angry at him. All of the words seem to be directed at DeGeneres for daring to act friendly towards him. And in the second place, it's a waste of time. Seriously. This is situation has become nothing more than a pissing match of comments with almost everyone wanting to add their two cents. It's nothing more than verbal masturbation in which the climax goes to whoever has the more loquacious explanation of how DeGeneres is too "privileged" or how society is getting less friendlier.

Lastly, if you pardon me for saying so,  the entire so-called controversy is nothing more than low-hanging fruit. An easy way for folks to publicly declare how outraged they are.

Meanwhile on Tuesday, the LGBTQ community found ourselves at the Supreme Court to yet AGAIN battle a group determined to undermine our equality with an over $50 million budget and an arsenal of attorneys to match. I'm talking about the Alliance Defending Freedom. The Southern Poverty Law Center may call them a hate group, but too many mainstream groups and officials call them "daddy," "buddy," "comrade," etc. etc. And ADF has been using that influence to undermine the LGBTQ community over the years. But you wouldn't know that.

There's not enough folks getting "publicly outraged"

There was little outrage when ADF was writing anti-transgender legislation for state legislatures across the nation to pass. ADF was behind the bathroom bills we've had to fight on a nationwide and state-by-state level.

There was little outrage  over the fact that ADF has been responsible for almost every recent anti-gay ruling and court case from the Masterpiece cake shop to letting religiously based adoption agencies steal gay tax dollars in Michigan to allowing businesses in Arizona to discriminate against gay couples.

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