Wednesday, June 24, 2015

When gays say 'equality,' some conservatives can't help but to think of sexual intercourse

You ever notice how so many times when we talk about lgbt equality, anti-gay figures always try to make the conversation about gay men having sex?

Check out this snippet of an interview between Al Jazeera America anchor David Shuster and Cathie Adams, former Texas GOP head. Adams is attempting to justify the discredited the idea of "ex-gay therapy."

The portion beginning at 3:55 simply boggles the mind. Shuster is biting his lip so hard to keep from laughing that he should have just done it :

Editor's note - I apologize for the fact that the video has been taken down. Please try this link, courtesy of my buddy, Richard Sparrow:

'Alan Keyes blames gays for Charleston Massacre' & other Wed. midday news briefs

I should have titled this post  'Alan Keyes is an idiot.'

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