Friday, October 23, 2009

Know Your LGBT History - New York Undercover

The weekend is here and I will be taking a break from my Kevin Jennings coverage (albeit a brief one because I'm working on a post that will hopefully tee you off) to focus on another segment of Know Your LGBT History; a look at positive and negative portrayals of our community in television and movie history.

The following clip is an episode of the 90s urban drama, New York Undercover, that ran on the Fox Network.

The episode, Blondes Have More Fun, features the two main stars of the show going undercover in the lgbt community to find a murderer of drag queens.

This episode excellent performances from Joe Morton and the legendary Miss Coco Peru:

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The Jeffersons and the transgender community

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Anti-marriage equality forces in Maine tell ANOTHER lie and other Friday midday news briefs

Obama didn't start this war with Fox News. They started it with him:

And in other news briefs:

New SFMM Ad, Featuring... Task Force's Monique Hoeflinger??? - Anti-marriage equality forces in Maine have stepped into it this time. You can smell the desperation when they resort to tactics like this. breaks down the ad's deception here.

Anti-gay marriage group challenges reporting requirements - What do they have to hide in Maine?

Isn't This Special? Gainesville, FL Anti-Trans Amendment Supporter Arrested For Bathroom Voyeurism - What happens when those pushing against lgbt equality are guilty of the crime they say lgbt equality will cause?

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Peter LaBarbera tries to hide his true face and reveals the duplicity of the religious right

Apparently Peter LaBarbera is feeling left out of the attacks on Kevin Jennings because he tried to start his own phony controversy.

A few days ago, LaBarbera posted a piece which claimed that the book company which published Jennings' book is "pro-pedophile" because of several other books which it published.

And in other news, the police are coming to arrest me since my cousin whom I hugged at the family reunion (which I didn't have to attend but decided to) robbed that bank.

I should get 10 years.

The real issue here is a response which LaBarbera received because of his smear and his answer to the response; both of which he published:

The email:

Gee, that’s huge! Does he also drive the same make car as Ted Bundy? And why are you still pushing that lie about an “underage” boy, when we now know [Brewster — a sophomore student counseled by Jennings after the boy had a sexual encounter with an older man] he was not underage? [The Age of Consent in Massachusetts is 16.] Have you no shame at all?

LaBarbera's response:

Dear Sir, it appears that it is you who has no shame. Yes, we think it’s scandalous to be linked in any way to an organization that encourages predatory, exploitative man-boy sex. It would be like signing up with a pro-Nazi publishing house. And in my mind, under 18 is “under age.” How sad and pathetic that your “gay” movement is resting on the technicality that Brewster was (allegedly) 16 and not 15 (as his teacher Jennings recollected) — to absolve Jennings of his reckless counsel to the boy.

In LaBarbera's response, we see the mindset of all religious right groups -when the truth is not to your liking, create a new truth. Make inaccurate judgements and accusations but never admit you are wrong even when you have been proven wrong.

And above all, put up a front. LaBarbera sounds so proper in responding to that email, it's almost as if he wore white gloves when typing it.

I laughed loudly when reading it because that's not the response he gave me when I also emailed him about the situation with Brewster a few weeks ago. This was his response:

you are a fool, Alvin . . . Kevin Jennings is a lying, reckless, anti-Christian bigot. It's no wonder you are defending him.

That is LaBarbera's true face and that of the religious right. Some people will allow themselves to be fooled (i.e. some vestiges of the news media), but we who have been the victims of their invectives should never be fooled.

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