Monday, October 17, 2022

Comedian John Oliver brutally tears apart transphobic narratives and the conservatives who repeat them

On the one hand, this is awesome how comedian John Oliver goes after transphobic narratives and those who spew them with a 'take no prisoners' attitude. But on the other hand, it is rather sad that we have to count on comedians (,Jon Stewart recently took a transphobic attorney general to school) to do the things that people who get paid to be journalist aren't doing. 

Oliver takes care of business superbly. The entire segment is wonderful viewing. But if you want some snippets, check out below. And while watching one (the one with the bigoted author Abigail Shrier), I want you to do something. Replace the word "transgender" in her comments with the phrase "radical homosexuals." For me it was like being transported via a time machine a few years in the past. It's like I've said before - the tactics and lies never change. Only the targets.

'Animal rescue gets death threats after drag queen reads to dogs' & other

Animal rescue gets death threats after drag queen reads to dogs - Yep. We are now in a twilight zone.

GOP candidates join Dearborn residents in protest over LGBTQ books in schools - This was simply awful. The Muslim community teaming with the far right. Once upon a time - and still in some areas - the far right treats the Muslim community like it does LGBTQ people. It's relatively easy to trick folks with the "they're trying to groom our kids" card.