Monday, July 27, 2020

John Lewis was one of the truest allies LGBTQ people ever had

John Lewis was not only one of the greatest Americans who ever lived, he was one of the truest allies ever LGBTQ people had. While he lies in state, I wanted to post a video of him speaking on behalf of our rights. And I didn't just find one. I found many videos encompassing many years of this man standing up for us - especially on the floors of Congress, encouraging us to speak for ourselves, and always reminding us that we are worthy of dignity.

Let's never forget him nor his words of encouragement and power.

'Family of gay officer who died of COVID-19 denied insurance benefits' & other Mon midday news briefs

Family of gay officer who died of COVID-19 denied insurance benefits - Even though the reason right now doesn't sound like homophobia, it's still some shady stuff that insurance agencies are stereotyped to do to keep from paying out claims.

Washington state may elect a progressive bisexual woman to Congress in November - That would be nice. More of us in Congress is always a good idea.

Incidents prompt outrage among rural central Pa’s LGBTQ community, advocates - We have a problem in Penn. 

Anti-LGBTQ+ Professor Found Dead at North Carolina Home - AWFUL man. I won't celebrate his death but he was an awful man.