Tuesday, April 26, 2016

'NC state senator implores HB2 supporters to 'Keep Our State Straight!'' & other Tue midday news briefs

Buck Newton
NC GOP AG Candidate Tells HB2 Fans: 'Keep Our State Straight!' (VIDEO) - And he, state Sen. Buck Newton, said this at a rally supporting that awful anti-lgbt law, HB2. After spilling all of the lies about "predators in the women's restrooms, he let this Freudian slip come out. It astounds me how folks still think that this issue is about safety rather than anti-lgbt animus and payback because we earned the right to marry. 

Ted Cruz Doesn’t Want Any Transgender People In Any Bathroom Anywhere - A history of the escalating anti-transgender rhetoric coming from Ted Cruz, complete with the semantic garbage of transgender folks "imposing their views" on people. Who knew simply needing to use the bathroom was imposing a view.  

Ted Cruz’s claim that Obama is forcing schools to ‘let teenage boys shower with teenage girls’ - The Washington Post says this about Cruz's attack on transgender children - "This is a classic case of a politician using rhetoric to obfuscate and simplify a complex issue" 

 The Newest Opponents Of North Carolina’s Anti-Transgender Law: Faith Groups - Meanwhile, actual faith groups are standing against HB2. You know, these are the folks who would be interviewed in the media if said media didn't allow the religious right and people like Tony Perkins, Todd Starnes, etc bogart every conversation.  

HB2 'Deeply Unpopular' – New Poll Finds Majority Say Anti-LGBT Law Hurting North Carolina - It's going to be sooooo lovely to see how the religious right, particularly the Family Research Council, stoop in an attempt to refute this poll.

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John Powell said...

I believe this may end up a bigger issue than marriage equality. The fear being not with the trans person, but with the training of our modern culture.

One advantage, so far, is, it is more difficult to connect the bathroom and the Bible. I have no doubt, though, that someone will soon manufacture a connection.

For much of the history of public facilities if you had to go you looked for an empty spot and did your business there. Who he...or she..was next to you was of no concern.

So. Is it really fear or another case of refusing to nderstand?