Thursday, April 14, 2016

'Anti-lgbt backlash facing its own backlash?' & other Thur. midday news briefs

Conservative lawmakers drive backlash against LGBT rights - Don't let the title of this article fool you. It goes into detail about how the conservative backlash to lgbt equality itself is facing a backlash from businesses. And the article features our lovely SC situation. 

Hundreds of CEOs Move Million-Dollar Conference Out of North Carolina Over Anti-LGBT Law - Like so . . .  

Tennessee Governor Skeptical Of Anti-Transgender Bathroom Bill - Keep your fingers crossed. This could end up in our favor. 

 How Journalists Are Grappling With The Rampant "Bathroom Bill" Misinformation In North Carolina - And not just in North Carolina. 

Mississippi Gov. Claims New Anti-LGBT Law Just Balances The Scales Of Justice - First of all, being interviewed by an anti-lgbt hate group isn't a good idea. We've got lots of work to do in Mississippi if the governor actually believes this trash.


Brad said...

I've don't see much in mainstream media report that points out there is absolutely 0 evidence of transgender bathroom predators. Once in a great while you see it in a fringe newspaper or magazine article, but usually they just parrot the Christofascist legislators' arguments. It's the same with same-sex marriage. I NEVER saw one reporter ask any of the right-wing zealots how a same-sex marriage would affect a heterosexual marriage. They just recorded the bigots saying, "It will destroy marriage!" The large media conglomerates are not the LGBT community's friends by and large and they don't make much effort to cover the news without spinning it to the right.

Erica Cook said...

I live in a state with an RFA law in effect. So I have one that will really test their convictions that this really is about all religions. Well, I am a Wiccan and I am also registered with First nation's ministry to officiate at weddings. Balance is very important in Wicca, and I can say that since these laws make it harder for LGBT people to organize their weddings, I am obligated to offset that inequity by marrying them for $35. Straight weddings will be $100 unless one is a member of the LGBT community. And since the law does not require the belief to be an actual tenant of the faith, the only defense they would have is to say they only meant christian beliefs. The only other argument they would have is for republicans to try and say that gay and straight weddings are equal and hell, hearing that would be worth losing.