Wednesday, April 20, 2016

'SC legislator attempting to sneak anti-transgender bill out of committee' & other Wed. midday news briefs

SC Sen. Lee Bright is trying to salvage his transphobic bill

From SC Equality comes the news that SC Senator Lee Bright is attempting to sneak his unpopular anti-transgender bill through via secret vote:

Now, according to The Greenville News, Senator Bright is going to attempt to "poll" the bill out of Committee by having the Chairman issue a secret poll vote that is not done in public. That the Committee would hold two days of public testimony, inflaming thousands across our state, moving people to tears and shocking our nation and then not even vote on the bill publicly is nothing short of unconscionable.

Seems to me that if the bill is "needed" as Bright has claimed, he wouldn't be attempting to provide cover for legislators to secretly vote for it.  What can South Carolinians and others concerned do about it? Go here and SC Equality will direct you to what you need to do.

In other news:

As a trans man in North Carolina, I always felt safe. Until this new law passed. - This stunning piece by a North Carolina transgender man on how HB2 will alter his life is stirring.

Federal Court Tells Lawmakers To Shut Up And Deal With Trans People In Bathrooms - Just in case you didn't hear, the courts have come again to push sanity in the argument of lgbt equality by standing by a trans student.

Despite Marriage Victory, Fear of Backlash Looms Large for LGBTQ Americans - Well duh. Progress scares some folks. Every movement for equality has had to endure a backlash.  And all of this "bathroom bill/religious liberty" madness is a direct result of our marriage equality victory. The main thing is to not sit there and let it happen. Fight, dammit!

AFA's Rob Chambers Blames Criticism of Anti-LGBT Laws On Satan - Aw hell, isn't that their excuse for everything?

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