Wednesday, April 13, 2016

'SC anti-transgender bill faces tough subcommittee hearing' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Sen. Lee Bright's anti-transgender bill is facing a bruising subcommittee

Editor's note - The subcommittee hearing on that awful anti-transgender bill in South Carolina will be wrapping up soon and I no doubt will have a report to go on about it later. But from reading twitter updates, this hearing is seriously the most lopsided thing I've seen since that movie 'Bambi vs. Godzilla.' Just call the lgbt community 'Godzilla.' They brought three mayors, a former secretary of Education, a US attorney AND transgender South Carolinians and their families to all testify against the bill. It doesn't matter whether or not the bill may have been doomed from the get-go. South Carolina's lgbt community, leaders, and allies deserve special praise for not coming to the hearing without their "A game" and also bringing a "Dream Team." What they did is a perfect example of what the lgbt community needs to do when faced with lies and inequality . . . every time.

 Transgender teen and mother advocate for rights - Two of the heroes from today's subcommittee meeting in Columbia, SC.

 SC House leader says no time for transgender bill - Because one of the sponsors is chairman of today's subcommittee, the bill is expected to go to full committee. And there it may just die for a number of reasons. I ain't celebrating until it's officially dead. 

University of North Carolina may be violating Obama’s LGBT order - More trouble for North Carolina. Good 

The Surprising Sexual Harassment Scandal Accompanying Tennessee’s Anti-Transgender Bill - A sad but rich irony about the one of the sponsor's of Tenneesee's anti-transgender bill. 

 China Rejects Landmark Same-Sex Marriage Case - Don't stop. Don't give up.  

Bryan Fischer: Bryan Adams Is Racist For Opposing Mississippi's Anti-LGBT Law - I suppose this makes sense in Bryan Fischer's bizarro world.

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Anonymous said...

Problem is at the federal level it is those who are in power who get to set the agenda and invite the people to the hearing. It's so lopsided and biased you couldn't even call it a hearing but a dog and pony show for bigots.