Monday, October 21, 2019

Religious right group One Million Moms angry over addition of gay couple in 'Star Wars' animated series

Anti-LGBTQ group One Millions Moms (whose name is an obscenely comical exaggeration) is attacking us again. As usual, the group, which claims to protect "traditional values" and the "innocence of children," are angry because no one wants to play its game of  "dirty homosexuals need to stop acting unashamed:" Like always, it's easy to chalk this nonsense up to homophobia, but when we do without calling attention to the nuance, we miss a chance to call out the dishonesty of 1MM and groups like it.

From One News Now:

A parents' watchdog group finds it "completely unnecessary" that Disney has chosen to proudly inject the issue of homosexuality into an animated series for children. 
As reported by, a Disney spokesperson has confirmed that two characters in the animated series Star Wars Resistance – shop operators Orka and Flix  – are "gay." That report quotes executive producer Justin Ridge saying: "I think it's safe to say they're an item. They're absolutely a gay couple and we're proud of that." 
Monica Cole, director of OneMillionMoms, says she isn't surprised by the disclosure. "And even though OneMillionMoms is not shocked by this news, we're all extremely disappointed that now they are openly including a gay couple – which we find completely unnecessary," she shares. 
Cole contends that Disney is more concerned about pushing a liberal agenda rather than just focusing on providing family-friendly content. 
"We already know, with the inclusion of the gay couple, [that] makes this show far from family-friendly," she tells OneNewsNow. "Disney should just stick to entertaining children – since this is one if the few children's networks on television – and completely avoid these mature and controversial topics such as homosexuality." 
The director for 1MM says it's crucial that parents are warned about the content in this popular franchise spinoff. "We wanted everyone to be aware that the Disney media empire is sacrificing children's innocence by doing this," she adds. 

This ridiculous article is fascinating, not about what it talks about, but what it omits. Cole doesn't say what's wrong with Disney including a gay couple in the Star Wars animated series. Nor does she explain how this sort of thing harms the innocence of children or pushes a "liberal agenda."  That's a deliberate tactic, just like her omission of the existence of same-sex families and their children.

It all adds up to reducing the  LGBTQ community to a stereotype about illicit sex and dangers to children.

One Million Moms doesn't have a good track record with their attacks on television programs and motion pictures but the group definitely has its uses. The constant omission of our families and repetition of the false claim about how we are a danger to the innocence of children sets a narrative which constantly serves to put us on the defensive.

That's also a deliberate tactic.

Editor's note - One News Now and One Million Moms are connected with hate group the American Family Association. It must be nice to have a false news outlet to push one's false pro-family group.


Critical Dragon 1177 said...


I have to wonder if homophobic keep doing this in hopes that if the show fails, they can take credit for it, even if they clearly had nothing do with it. The fact of the matter is, if we lived in NOM's ideal world, shows like Modern Family would have been taken off the air after just the first couple of episodes at most because of positive portrayal of a same sex couple. I've come across some people who are worried about the possibility that the religious right is going to be able to ban same sex relationships and gay sex again and get away with it now that we have a far right Supreme Court. Thankfully its hard to take such claims seriously given the fact that these hate mongers can't even get TV shows with same sex couples taken off the air anymore, even shows that are clearly made for children.

JoeBuddha said...

One Dozen Moms get their collective panties in a twist? Must be a day ending in, 'y'.

Critical Dragon 1177 said...


Yeah, I think their outrage reserves are limitless.