Thursday, June 23, 2016

'Anti-marriage equality group NOM shifting to transphobia' & other Thur. midday news briefs

NOM pushing subtle attacks on the transgender community

Four Days Left - Will you be at the March for Marriage this Saturday? - It's very, VERY rare that I link to an anti-lgbt site for my news briefs, but this one is important. The National Organization for Marriage is holding yet another "March for Marriage" this Saturday. Now some folks may yawn it away, seeing that we have won the fight over marriage equality. However, pay attention to this announcement. NOM is slyly shifting from opposing marriage equality to opposing the rights of transgender men and women. Charlatans have to go where the money is, no doubt.  

Bryan Fischer: Democratic Gun Control Efforts Are 'Exactly How Satan Works' - While the Democrats in the House of Representatives are holding a protest to get a vote on our gun laws, some so-called religious (i.e. religious right) leaders have been silent. Others, like Bryan Fischer is tying this effort to a Satanic plot. Apparently in his version of the Bible, Jesus never said "Peace. Be Still," but "a piece of steel." 

Meet Donald Trump’s New Evangelical Advisory Board - I've posted about this before, but Think Progress provides us with a complete list of the zany.

 In Orlando Killer’s Hometown, Religious And LGBT People Choose To Build Bridges - The power of human beings lies in our ability to pull happiness and positive outcomes out of tragedy.

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