Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Hate group leader Tony Perkins doesn't believe faith should be used as a weapon (unless it's by him)

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council

Anti-lgbt hate group leader Tony Perkins had an interview yesterday  with MSNBC's Peter Alexander about Donald Trump's meeting with the religious and and anti-lgbt right.

You can feel free to watch the entire interview via Media Matters. Once was enough for me, thank you very much. Granted, some folks have pointed out that since Perkins and his group (the Family Research Council) masquerades as a faith-based group while pushing anti-lgbt lies, he shouldn't be given a platform by mainstream media.

I don't exactly agree and for two reasons. I think that mainstream media should have people like Perkins on but should do a better job in giving their viewers accurate information on what he is all about as well as asking critical questions on his statements and his group's tactics; both of which belie the fact that Perkins is a religious leader and his group is faith-based.

The second reason is more to the point. Perkins opens his mouth like a fish eager for bait and gets hooked. That is to say, he generally says something which gives the lgbt community an opportunity to prove him a liar.

Such as this statement when Alexander questioned him on Trump attacking the religion of his opponents:

ALEXANDER: Donald Trump there saying we don't know anything about Hillary in terms of religion. In fact, we do. She's been public about her Methodist faith. She's spoken about it, she's written about it. She attended church. She actually had a close relationship to Billy Graham. So is Hillary Clinton's faith the real source of concern?

TONY PERKINS: First off, I don't think faith should be used as a weapon. I think faith is a building block, it’s a bridge. . .

If Perkins doesn't think faith should be used as a weapon, then why does he and his group constantly use it as a way to stomp down the lgbt community?

Like the time he said gays are "pawns of the enemy," i.e. Satan:

Or the time he questioned pro-lgbt Christians by using terms like "fascism" and "heresy."

And let's not forget the time when he said "homosexuality leads to eternal damnation."

Also, how could we forget when he compared upholding non-discrimination laws to the Holocaust by making references to boxcars and "re-education camps."

Lastly,  the Family Research Council in general is an organization pushing a  huge con game in which its leaders such as Perkins and spokespeople hide behind claims of "sincerely held religious beliefs" while at the same time pushing lies and junk science to smear the lgbt community.

So this claim by Perkins that he doesn't think faith should be used as a weapon is yet another lie he perpetrates.

He meant to say he doesn't think faith should be used as a weapon unless it's by him.

Hat tip to GLAAD CAP

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Connie said...

Cognitive Dissonance. I'm surprised more heads do not explode from it to be honest.

I've gone to battle on the interwebz with Dominionists regarding LGBTQA rights. I've been told the rules in Leviticus regarding shellfish, mixed fabrics, and shaving are no longer valid as Jesus fulfilled the old law, making that list null and void. Personally I believe Dominionists say that because they really don't want to give up their bacon (a hypothesis really as it has not been tested).

In the same conversation Leviticus is trotted out as to why THE GAYZ must be killed. Oh not by the individual person. Oh no.... they don't want to get their hands dirtied. They want the government to do the killing.

Tony personifies this cross purposes thinking. It is my hope that the rest of the country sees this too.