Friday, June 24, 2016

'How 'evangelicals' hide behind their faith to harm lgbt health' & other Fri. midday news briefs

What Happens When Gay People Are Told That Homosexuality Is A Sin? - From this wonderful post: "Conservative Christians have long argued that their condemnations of homosexuality are couched in love, complete with the catchy slogan, “love the sinner, hate the sin.” But that message — that homosexuality is a sin — is harmful in and of itself." 

106 Things You Can Do To Bring About The Queer Revolution - Interesting list and I agree with much of the items on it. However, allow me to add two more things - 1. "Know the difference between "Acting Up" and "catching up" - don't wait until the last minute to start raising hell and getting engaged. If you know that a homophobic law or action is coming and you do nothing to educate about it or prevent it, then your actions afterwards isn't "acting up." You are "catching up." 2. The second thing needs explaining. As much as this list is beneficial, the tone does come across as schoolmarmish and elitist. Some of the phrases and words are very esoteric and thus are not recognized by lgbts who aren't into the "academic" or "intellectual queer moment." It reminds me of a PBS tv show I used to watch about nutrition called Soup 2 Nuts. It was a good show but it came across as too damn preachy. There was no levity and that made it a huge turn off from the message it was sending about bettering oneself. So the other thing I would add is "Don't be angry at yourself if you don't follow the entire list. It and you are a work in progress."

 James Dobson: Obama's Transgender Rights Guidelines Are An Effort To Sow Chaos And Impose Tyranny - You notice how these paper evangelicals are so eager and easy to sow division and fear? Doesn't strike me as very Godly or Christian. 

 Obama Designates First LGBT National Monument At Site Of Stonewall Riots - Sweet!

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Brad said...

I agree with you whole heartedly. Doing something BEFORE it's too late. I think talking to friends and family members about issues like LGBT rights is important. My own family used to dismiss issues like this until they realized they had a gay relative in their midst. I've lost all patience with the so-called religious people who say that their "faith" requires them to discriminate or that they love me but not my "sin". My response is, "Then your religion/faith is reprehensible, and I would be very concerned to be associated with an organization that requires me to denigrate others." I also tell them that "The faith reason is weak and is just an excuse for dehumanizing other human beings." Stops them in their tracks every time. Of the 106 things to bring about a queer revolution, I think the LGBT community should take them to heart. Especially numbers 61-72. I know from experience that once you reach the age of 50, you become invisible in the LGBT community, at least where I'm from. Ageism, ableism, racism and shaming are huge problems within our own community and it really doesn't need to be.