Thursday, December 04, 2014

Prominent black conservatives are the puppets of white conservatives

When I look at this video of Ben Carson denigrating gays and pro-choice activists, it captures the problems I have with the black conservatives I see in the media. I just don't think they have integrity. Allow me to explain what I mean. From time to time, black liberals, progressives, Democrats, etc. will challenge members of their party if they do not agree with the position taken. They make a point to show their independence.

 I have never seen a prominent black conservative openly challenge other conservatives, particularly white conservatives when it comes to things said about African-Americans, lgbts, or even President Obama. But I have seen these black conservatives get on television and publish pieces spouting homophobia, attacks on Obama and even on their own people with more fiendish glee than a wolf caught up in a sheep pin.  Or even more vigor than white conservatives.  One could say that this is a matter of having a difference of opinion. I disagree. It's about the money.

Look really close behind a black conservative and you will almost always find white conservative hands stuffing money deep in their pockets, via think tanks, "wingnut welfare," or "donations" to their one-man or one-woman organization.

Not that I mind folks making money to pay their bills, but I do have a problem with folks who allow themselves to be puppets for the almighty dollar. And to me, I have yet to see a black conservative who doesn't fit this description.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

This man is an embarrassment to Baltimore and Johns Hopkins. The good people of this town and all of Maryland do not think like this twisted man.

Unknown said...

I like to call this phenomenon "conservablackness".

Conservablack:(kuh n-sur-vuh-blak)noun, plural: conservablacks, adjective: conservablackness

1)A black conservative that denigrates any minority group, especially other black people for the sake of credibility in prominent conservative organizations, or movements.

Conservablacks often engage in this behavior to signal to their peers that they are "not like those black folk over there", and "I'm just as bigoted as you are towards anyone that isn't us".

Erica Cook said...

I think the reason why they don't call them on it is because they know they aren't really welcome to the party.