Tuesday, June 02, 2020

MLK's niece among Trump supporting evangelicals silent after tear-gassing of unarmed protesters

Evangelicals supporting Donald Trump, including MLK's niece, Alveda King (on the far left), have yet to fully comment on Monday's events in DC where unarmed protesters and priests were tear-gassed so that Trump could have a photo-op with a Bible.

A day after yesterday's DC event in which unarmed protesters and priests - were exposed to tear gas to make way for a photo op of Donald Trump holding a Bible, his evangelical supporters remain conveniently silent.

Of course they never seem to be silent or inconspicuous whenever there are cameras around as they make sure to be seen in prayer with Trump.

And they certainly love making public pronouncements of how Trump is a savior of and an ally for Christianity - at least the version they embrace:

But for now, they have either sidestepped or made themselves scarce in the wake of Monday's unbelievably shameful events. They didn't even say a word about Trump holding the Bible upside down. Their silence tells lot more than anything they would have said. Some people have told me it's because they like what he's doing for them in pushing their agenda. I think it's more than that. I  think that evangelicals also fear Trump. They know that he's a unrestrained, petulant jackass - they've known it from the beginning - and are afraid that getting him angry will get them cut off from access and power. And they are probably right.

So they are willing to overlook the gassing of unarmed people and priests as well as the mockery of the Bible they claim to hold sacred as the unfettered Word of God. Just like they were willing to overlook his basic incompetence, his many lies, his racist comments, his attempt to exploit the Ukraine, etc. etc.

But I can't help but paying special attention to  Martin Luther King, Jr's niece, Alveda King, during all of this. A long time supporter of Trump, Alveda has always been quick to exploit her uncle's name in pursuit of prominence from the right even before Trump came on the scene. And with him in the White House, it seems that she has hit a bonanza. As seen above, she probably never fails to be featured by Trump's side in as many photos as possible, either in faux prayerful pose or grinning like a gassy Cheshire cat.

If MLK were alive, he would be marching in the streets  with the people seeking justice. And I doubt he would have been silent about what happened in DC. He was never one to be silent about oppression. But Alveda chooses silence when the oppression is done so as not to risk the anger of the oppressor. The oppressor is giving her shiny objects and she doesn't want to lose any of them. But she also wants her uncle's legendary name, so she attempts have both that and the shiny objects of the oppressor. And in her greed, she proves just how unworthy she is to be a King. MLK marched, fought, and was assassinated in pursuit of fairness and justice. And now his niece is attempting to drape herself with his noble persona, stained with his sacrificed shed blood, while she serves the whims of those who would deny others fairness and justice.

It's an ugly thing to contemplate. And it's similar to how Trump supporting evangelicals have perverted Christianity.  Christians are taught that Jesus came to save the world and that He represents the poor, beaten, and downtrodden. But just as Alveda is trying to do to MLK's legacy, right-wing evangelicals (Franklin Graham, Tony Perkins, Paula White, Robert Jeffress, etc) are tainting His message of love for raw political power. And none of them - Alveda included -  are about to condemn Trump no matter what he does because he is giving it to them. 

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Critical Dragon 1177 said...


Sadly this is of no surprise, Alveda King is so fanatically dedicated to her personal cause, that she basically blamed Dylann Storm Roof murdering those nine innocent people in that church for being black, on abortion. Off course she's not going to ignore police misconduct.

Dr. King's Most Embarrassing Niece Knows Charleston Shooting Happened Because Abortion

Unfortunately Wonkette removes comments after their article have been up for awhile, because, lets just put it this way, I managed to power own someone over there who was actually trying to defend her and her ridiculous claims.