Sunday, December 15, 2019

Just in - Hallmark apologizes for pulling ad featuring same-sex couple

Hallmark should have never pulled this ad.

Well now I am dizzy. The Hallmark Channel pulled an ad featuring a same-sex couple after hate group the American Family Association and its affiliate group, One Million Moms, complained.

The company behind the ad, the wedding site Zola, pulled all of its ads from the channel in protest. In addition, LGBTQ organizations, LGBTQ community, and a lot of other folks spent the entire weekend figuratively dragging Hallmark, especially on Twitter with the hashtags #boycotthallmark and #BoycottHallmarkChannel .

Now comes this:

Okay, American Family Association and One Million Moms, it's your turn. Top that if you can. Whatever happens next, this is still a victory for the LGBTQ community. Our lives, our loved ones, our families, and especially our children will not be excised, erased, or eliminated to fit someone else's narrative. We don't need anyone's "tolerance" or "acceptance." And we damned sure aren't going to take your disrespect.


Critical Dragon 1177 said...


Here's a link to a relevant conversation I just had with someone on twitter who doesn't seem to understand why you shouldn't call people "snowflakes" for being angry with Hallmark for caving to these bigots in the first place

And here's a link to the image of a copy I made in case one of the tweets is taken down or the guy gets kicked off twitter for some reason.

Unknown said...

Dear Halmark Channel, as a straight mother to two girls. I believe the gay and lesbians need to be recognized as a family as well. They are so many gay couples that have children. This is a reality in our left. People should not have to hide their true authentic self. Please show the commercial for this movie. After all LOVE IS LOVE