Wednesday, November 02, 2016

'Ex-gay' rebrand, Catholic Church in Mexico sorry for comment about men's butts' & other Wed. midday news briefs

The bogus plan to rebrand ex-gay therapy - With the anti-lgbt industry, nothing ever goes away. It just gets repackaged.  

Republican strategist claims candidate is ‘exploiting’ anti-gay smear campaign - A presidential candidate is attacked by an anti-lgbt smear campaign but to a Republican strategist, said candidate is wrong because he is supposedly "exploiting" the campaign created to smear him. Pull up a chair. This explanation has to be epic. 

Catholic Church in Mexico apologises after saying ‘man’s anus is not designed to receive’ - Don't you just hate it when situations arise which make things too easy to be catty?

 4 Indiana cities ask judge to dismiss LGBT protections suit - We may win this one. 

 As Gay Dads, We’re Raising A Son Accepting Of Himself And Others 

 Coming Out as a Postpartum Anxiety SuffererTwo very important articles about lgbt parenting.

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Erica Cook said...

I'm going to do a total geek out here. I think Charmed addressed the issue of postpartum depression pretty well when Piper had her baby. She wasn't crying all the time, or screaming. She was just having a very hard time bonding with the baby. She tended to sit around with a camera because she couldn't tell what her baby needed. They made a point of saying it is a myth that parents bond instantly with their child. It isn't a lack of love, but a difficulty in connecting with a child.