Friday, May 31, 2013

Attack on gay families undercuts message of anti-Christian 'persecution'

Lord, hammercy, where to start?

You can watch the entire thing, but if you really want to hear something, start at 8:22 where Matt Barber and Mat Staver from the Liberty Counsel begin going on tangents regarding what's wrong with gay adoption.  Watch how Matt Barber continues to cite the Regnerus study (even though that study has been continuously refuted and discredited) to make the case against same-sex households.

And then Barber compounds the offense by viciously attacking same-sex families. According to him, gays "purchase children"  and says "it's like having little pets."

There comes a time when you stop getting angry at folks like Barber and Staver. Why should you? They make the lgbt community's case for us in regards to the animosity against us by the religious right.

It's really funny when you think about it. While Tony Perkins and Maggie Gallagher weave a tapestry of lies about gays "persecuting" Christians for their "deeply held beliefs," behind them are Barber and Staver putting a torch to that tapestry every time they open their mouths.


BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

Come on! This whole thig is BS. Every single word of it.
I listened to the whole thing and it is packed full of lies.
How can we expose them? How do we stop this kind of filth from being spread?
If they were saying this about any other minority, they would be shut down and forced underground.
Most of the sites I read have to do with my LGBT community so I am not aware of Orgs. that damn other minorities. Are there ones that so boldly spread lies? If not, how were they forced out of business or underground.
I know we must thake the bad with the good because we have the freedom of speech but this is out of hand.
How do we stop this?!

BlackTsunami said...

By continuing to be vocal in calling them out. Demanding that our organizations do and supporting the organizations AND blogs who already call them out.