Wednesday, February 22, 2017

These are the transgender children you are going to hurt, Donald Trump

This mess Trump did in rescinding transgender student protections is bogus, ratcheted and basically a big bunch of bull. It stems from religious right propaganda and false stories about transgender predators scoping out girl's restrooms or parading themselves in the shower. It's not unlike the religious right propaganda (which is still used in many circles) which falsely portray lgbts as "recruiting children."  And in this particular case, it's devastatingly ironic because those who will be hurt by Trump's action are children. They are the transgender children whose voices are usually drowned out by the lies propagated by the religious right, Fox News, and the conservative right in general.  The following videos feature just a few of the many. See their faces, hear their stories, and educate yourselves on the issues of the transgender community.

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