Friday, February 28, 2014

'White homosexual demons,' refuting religious liberty talking points' & other midday news briefs

This video just upsets me so. If President Obama is unleashing white gay men on black men then where the heck are mine!!?? Oh wait a minute, I'm one of the black gay men President Obama is unleashing on white men.  Wait a minute . . . maybe I shouldn't have told you that. Oh God. Michelle Obama is going to drop me in the piranha tank now.

 In other news: 

Dismantling The ‘Religious Liberty’ Talking Points Used To Justify Anti-LGBT Discrimination - Am loving this concise and to-the-point post by Zach Ford of Think Progress.

From "Subhuman Mongrel" To "Jim Crow" Laws: Conservatives Can't Stop Fighting Lost Cultural Battles - But don't dance yet. One trick ponies have a way of developing new tricks even if they are one at a time. 

United States, EU, Australian Diplomats Issue Joint Denunciation of Uganda's Anti-Homosexuality Law - Excellent!  

Lively: Gays To Fault For Modern Divorce Rate, Gay Marriage Will Lead to Legalized Pedophilia In Five Years - Scott Lively used to get me mad (what he helped to cause in Uganda and Russia still gets me mad), but now I figure if this man wants to dig his own hole, who am I to stop him. Hell, I will give him better tools.  

This Is What Discrimination Feels Like - The potential REAL victims who need protection, especially against these "religious liberty" laws.

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Unknown said...

Has anyone noticed that when the guy describes "this godforsaken..." and a whole ton of "anti" things, the words he uses describe him rather than gays well?