Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Family Research Council puts out ridiculous self-congratulatory video

The Family Research Council has come out with a nauseatingly self-congratulatory video showcasing how the organization supposedly stands up for American values and the family:

But then there is this video which showcases a huge omission of FRC's true aim and agenda:


Nice try, FRC. But no matter how much sweet you attempt to make your homophobia sound, it still homophobia.


al in la said...

What impresses me most about you, Alvin, is your intellectual honesty and your rock solid integrity. You are willing to post the FRC's ludicrous propaganda video and allow viewers to see for themselves the lies and deceptions that define this loathsome hate group. When you are working on this blog and perhaps find yourself wondering if there are people who appreciate your hard work, please remember there are many of us who do. There is a fundamental sense of decency about you that the jokers at the FRC will never know. Here is one heart-felt thank you to you my friend.

Melissa said...

I second the above comment. I've been following this blog for awhile now and it is my favorite blog now.