Thursday, October 11, 2012

'Anti-gay teacher resigns after controversy' and other Thursday midday news briefs

N.J. high school teacher who made anti-gay comments on web resigns - Remember Viki Knox, the teacher who got into trouble for criticizing a pro-gay display at her school and whom NOM was canonizing as a martyr. Well as it turns out, she has resigned and this article includes other portions of the story which NOM omitted. She may have been making outrageous charges against lesbian and gay teachers.  

Anti-Gay Strategist Feigns Ignorance About Campaigns’ Harms - Frank Schubert, the NOM mastermind of the "gays want to harm children" lie doesn't think that the claim doesn't harm anyone. Schubert's sister, by the way, is a lesbian raising children. 

 Maryland Marriage Alliance head: Gay families 'not God's best' - And they are bashing gay families again.  

Happy National Coming Out Day…messages from Harvey Milk - After all of that ugly news, let's get some inspiration. 

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