Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Don't expect any honest answer from Karen Pence. Homophobic evasion is a family trait with the Pences

It shouldn't be surprising how the folks around 2nd Lady Karen Pence are silent in the face of the controversy she is causing by agreeing to teach at a private school which has an ugly policy against the LGBTQ community, families, and especially children

Running away or attempting to blunt controversy by pitiful evasion is a family trait which seems to be enjoyed by the Pence family. Video below is a huge case in point.

In 2015 when Pence was governor of Indiana, the state passed controversial anti-LGBTQ "religious freedom" bill. Needless to say it caused a lot of controversy and Pence's attempt to defend it on ABC's This Week was a disaster. When asked eight times about the bill and his personal beliefs regarding anti-LGBTQ discrimination, Pence couldn't give a specific or forward answer:

So don't be fooled by any explanation Karen Pence's people eventually may give about her teaching at an anti-LGBTQ private school.  She knows exactly what she's doing. Only thing is that her people don't know how to bullshit an explanation through as of yet.

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