Thursday, December 19, 2019

Big Freedia song 'Rent' is a perfect anthem for Trump's impeachment

'Rent' by Big Freedia is the perfect anthem for Trump's impeachment.

On Wednesday night, Donald Trump got impeached. It's not a surprise. The man has no impulse control or maturity, so he was bound to do something which would finally get him into trouble. Now whether or not he will be removed is another story. The conventional wisdom is that the GOP led Senate will not convict him. Of course in 2016, the conventional wisdom was that Hillary Clinton would be our first female president (and she should have been), so I think it's safe to have a wait and see attitude.

At any rate,  I have a perspective on Trump's impeachment which I think needs to be shared. Instead of  writing a long diatribe on the matter (because I don't think I can add anything new to the outpouring of long diatribes by folks who get paid to do that sort of thing), I am going to make mine short, succinct, and with the help of fellow "family" member, "The Queen of Bounce" Big Freedia. I'm sure when she recorded the song 'Rent'  in 2018 Big Freedia didn't think someone would use it as an anthem of the Donald Trump Impeachment. But I think it perfectly fits the situation, because Trump is a big freeloader.

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