Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Anti-LGBTQ industry spinning violent sexual and homophobic fantasies about Pete Buttigieg

Pete Buttigieg
Say what you will about Pete Buttigieg, I have enjoyed his presidential campaign for a number of reasons, particularly the spotlight he places upon Mike Pence's homophobia and the outpouring of homophobia thrown his way via some members of the anti-LGBTQ industry.

Granted, the bigwigs such as the Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom are careful not to focus on Buttigieg's sexual orientation in specific details, But second stringers have thrown caution to the wind, such as Meeke Addison, an employee of hate group the American Family Association. She took it upon herself to create interesting images of Buttigieg's alleged sex life on an AFA program:

From Right Wing Watch:


Host Perry Atkinson couldn’t believe that America has reached a point where people have “accepted the commonality” of having “an openly gay man” being married and running for president, demanding to know why Christians don’t “have the fortitude to stand up” and decry Buttigieg’s campaign. 
“Excuse me for what I am about to say,” Addison responded. “We are talking about a man who engages in violent sexual acts with a person he claims to love. Now that’s ugly.” 
“Let’s just stop for a second here and let’s realize that our defenses have been eroded,” she added. “We have been fed a narrative for so long that now we have unrighteousness that we accept … A man who marries a man and says that this could potentially be the First Gentlemen of the United States and we’re supposed to talk about his policies? I don’t think so. I don’t think so. Do you understand the type of judgment that will be brought upon our country?” 
“When we no longer fear God,” Addison said, “this is what we get.”

I wish Addison was the only one conjuring up this stuff, but she wasn't. Compared to this next guy, her statement was rather lightweight.

Baptist preacher Don Boys went all in with his attack on Buttigieg, invoking the past discredited junk science about the so-called sexual habits of gay men in general:

The former lawmaker said it was his right as a voter to ask “how gay Pete is” and if his medical records would be made public. Boys, asserting that “homosexuals are notoriously promiscuous,” made a series of baseless claims and suggested Buttigieg should address them. 
The preacher said that 17 percent of homosexuals admit to “rubbing or ingesting” the feces of partners and that 41 percent practice fisting—at times with carrots and “even gerbils!” He claimed that 90 percent of homosexuals use illegal drugs and 70 percent admit to having at least one STD. Purporting to cite “the largest study ever conducted,” he said 23 percent of homosexuals “participate in golden showers.” 
“Since homosexuals do many dangerous things it seems wise, considerate, thoughtful, and loving to suggest they cease such dangerous activities,” he wrote. “We strongly suggest that one should not smoke, eat much red meat, not drink, and not gain weight since those are deadly activities. Why is it unreasonable… to demand the same of homosexual candidates?” he added.

It's humorous that folks poked fun at Boys. However, very few source took the time to point out that his statistics were once - and in some cases - are still passed around as accurate when it comes to gay men. Boys was citing, verbatim, the junk science of discredited researcher Paul Cameron. Decades ago, Cameron was the go-to-guy when groups like the Family Research Council and the American Family Association wanted to pass along propaganda about the LGBTQ community.

Generally speaking, the recent comments by Boys and Addison invoked a time in which the anti-LGBTQ industry dispensed with all of the covert language and careful phraseology ("religious liberty" or "protecting marriage) and instead sought to reduce our lives to the following image:

It's a reminder that behind every precise speaking, talking points practiced anti-LGBTQ talking head you may see on Fox News or read in The Federalist beats the heart of a yammering homophobe just drooling in anticipation to revile us all with stories about lurid gay sex.

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