Monday, December 09, 2019

My opening shot in the '2019 War on Christmas' - Trump DID NOT 'bring Christmas back,' you morons

The religious right and other Trump supporters have been trying to establish a narrative that Donald Trump supposedly 'brought Christmas back.' Their subtle dog whistle appealing to racist attitudes make it imperative for us to remind people of the wonderful Christmas greetings and celebrations which took place when Obama was in office.

The religious right and other Trump supporters are not only intent on handing him credit for Obama's policy successes, but they also seem to be determined to craft a narrative that Obama wrecked American traditions and values and that Trump is restoring them.

It's especially annoying during the religious right's annual "War on Christmas" freak out. There has been a vile addition to their yearly bitchfest that the forces of darkness are trying to eliminate "Christ in Christmas."

They are claiming that Donald Trump "brought Christmas" back.

Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council -  "America isn't the only thing making a comeback under President Trump -- so is Christmas! The candidate who vowed, "We're gonna be saying Merry Christmas again," delivered on that promise again in a big way Thursday night. Thirty-feet of big, to be exact. In front of the giant spruce, the president made it very clear that this event wasn't about illuminating the tree -- but shining a light on the real reason for the season." 

Robert Jeffress, prominent Trump supporting pastor - “President Trump celebrates Christmas, has brought it back to the forefront of our country, and that means bringing Christ back as well.”

We've gone through this every year since Trump has been in office.

Just like they do with refuted homophobic propaganda, the religious right will stubbornly repeat the lie that Trump is bringing Christmas back or that he made it okay to again say Merry Christmas. It's all basic dog whistles. When the lot of them claim that Trump "brought Christmas" back, the religious right and many Trump supporters are actually saying. Trump brought a "white Christmas" back, as in the "tradition" of a white man as president during Christmas. They can't say it outright, but it's a fact just as sure as the "tea party movement" or Trump's 2016 election victory was not about "economic anxieties."

We all know this is truth (that includes Perkins, Jeffress, etc.)  and we should stop pussyfooting about it.  I have a suggestion. If the religious right and Trump supporters insist on claiming every year that Trump brought Christmas back,  I think we should spotlight videos of what it looks like when a real president sends Christmas greetings. Such as this one:


Frank said...

Man, I miss the Obamas every day.

BlackTsunami said...

you and me both. lol