Monday, March 06, 2017

Franklin Graham spews homophobic foolishness over 'Beauty and the Beast'

Franklin Graham

The news that there was will be a gay character in Disney's upcoming live action depiction of 'Beauty and the Beast' has gotten the "usual suspects" up in arms with their Helen Lovejoyish cries of "won't someone think of the children."

And none of them seem to be louder than evangelist Franklin Graham.

According to the Huffington Post:

In a Facebook post shared this week, Graham wrote that the company is “trying to push the LGBT agenda into the hearts and minds of your children — watch out!” Then, acknowledging that “Disney has the right to make their cartoons” because “it’s a free country,” the evangelist went on to state, “as Christians we also have the right not to support their company. I hope Christians everywhere will say no to Disney.” 

So it's the old "gays want your children" fear tactic. Granted, it's several steps above the Anita Bryant cry of how we supposedly want to "recruit children to refreshen our ranks," but the same meaning still applies. The Huffington Post also added this about Graham's tendency to be public about certain issues:

Graham has previously made his thoughts on other non– straight, white, Christian groups clear with comments about President Trump’s ban on Syrian immigrants (“not a Bible issue”), Islam (“evil”) . . .

It's unfortunate that Graham's interpretation of Christianity includes attacking a different religion with lies and opposing the tenet Jesus put forth in his parable of The Good Samaritan while railing against a fairy tale simply because a depiction of it includes a gay character. One wonders how he feels about 'Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,' i.e a teenage girl living in the forest with seven unmarried men.

I honestly wasn't planning to see 'Beauty and the Beast,' but thanks to Graham, I'll probably go to see it. Twice.

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