Monday, March 06, 2017

'Anti-lgbt leaders blame Obama, witchcraft for Trump's troubles' & other Mon midday news briefs

Matt Barber
While those who can be considered (if such a term is credible) as "mainstream anti-lgbt groups," such as the Family Research Council, are quiet on Trump's claim of wiretapping by Obama, the more fringey, one fry short of a happy sect is pulling out all of the stops to spin general conspiracy theories. That is, at least according to posts by People for the American Way's Right Wing Watch. I just think  it's ironic that they haven't pointed the finger at us for now:

Lou Engle Calls For National Fast To Save Donald Trump From Witchcraft Curse

Rick Joyner: Obama Holdovers Are Committing Treason Against Trump To Cover Up Their Crimes

Matt Barber Says Obama Is Engaging With ‘Domestic Terrorists’ To Take Down Trump

In other news:

Supreme Court Ducks Big Transgender Rights Case — Thanks To Trump Administration - By NO means is this over.

Trans women of color are missing from the conversation about transphobia - Seven transgender women of color have been murdered thus far in 2017. What the hell .  .

This Stunning Photo Series Is Highlighting The Experiences Of LGBT African Immigrants - Stunning is the right word for this series. It's

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