Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Hate group humiliates itself with 'Disney and gay agenda' article

Peter LaBarbera thinks Disney is pushing a 'gay' conspiracy

Angry at the runaway success of the live-action 'Beauty and the Beast' movie in spite of a religious right boycott over the introduction of a gay character, anti-lgbt hate group American Family Association, via its fake news publication One News Now, has published an "expose" on the Disney corporation in general.

According to One News Now, Disney is part of a conspiracy to push the (cue the solemnly dreadful music) "gay agenda."

As the “gay moment” in Disney’s current box office hit Beauty and the Beast continues to shock evangelicals and social conservatives across America who have boycotted the film – believing it is kicking off an LGBT propaganda campaign – many do not realize that Disney has been aggressively promoting homosexuality for nearly two decades. From The Little Mermaid animated sensation that hit theaters decades ago to the more recent Finding Dory and popular animated TV series Stars vs. the Forces of Evil, Disney has been promoting forms of homosexuality on the big and small screen – and even off the screen.

One News Now's "expose" doesn't say as to how 'The Little Mermaid' or 'Finding Dory' is pushing any "gay agenda." The piece seems to be obsessed with focusing on a 1998 incident in which former CEO Michael Eisner allegedly claimed that 40 percent of Disney employees were gay.

And to help with this so-called revelation, One News Now interviewed the leader of another anti-lgbt hate group - Peter LaBarbera of the ironically named Americans for Truth:

The most intelligent part of LaBarbera's body. (Are u scarred for life yet?)

“But even in 1998, former Disney CEO Michael Eisner told a homosexual leader that a whopping 40 percent of the entertainment corporation’s employees were ‘gay,’ according to a prominent LGBT activist caught on tape relaying the private conversation at a homosexual student event,” LaBarbera reported.  
 For years, LGBT activists have recognized Disney as being at the forefront of normalizing homosexuality across the United States – including in its personnel. “The revelation came from then-HRC [Human Rights Campaign] Executive Director Elizabeth Birch, who keynoted an LGBT student conference at the University of California, Santa Cruz,” the pro-family activist pointed out. “Eisner corrected Birch when she told him that 30 percent of his employees were homosexual.”  
 LaBarbera provided further support of his contention by releasing the recording of an AFTAH undercover investigator who attended the event as a reporter and taped what took place during the exchange between Eisner and Birch. Believing her speech was not being recorded, Birch reiterated her discussion with Eisner to make it clear that Disney was indeed on board with the homosexual agenda in its hiring practices. “Is there any press in the room – because some of these conversations are very private?” Birch asked during her speech at the Left-leaning California university, which is excerpted on LifeSiteNews’ YouTube channel. “But when I said to Michael Eisner, CEO of Disney, I said, 'Thirty percent of your employees are gay,' … he said, 'You are wrong, Elizabeth, it's 40 percent.’"

The only thing revealing about this "expose" is that "Porno" Peter LaBarbera collects information on others things besides subcultural sex events. On that note, I don't know whether to be relieved or genuinely creeped out.  Seriously though, what the hell? Disney employs gays. Big deal. What do people like LaBarbera think lgbts do? Have sex all day?

The rest of the article is simply LaBarbera spinning a conspiracy theory so thick that Alex Jones of Infowars would slap him and say "come on, guy!" A little advice, One News Now - if you are going to spin one of those time-honored horror stories about the alleged gay agenda, you really have to do better than quoting LaBarbera.

He's more passe than Anita Bryant.

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