Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Anti-gay marriage amendment supporter in North Carolina urinates on sign

From my online buddies Jeremy Hooper and Louis Marinelli ,  comes proof that some folks are getting out of hand in voicing their support for Amendment One in North Carolina - the bill which would not only outlaw marriage equality (which is already outlawed in the state as it is) but would cause chaos with unmarried couples and domestic violence laws.

Recently, a teen was filmed shooting down an anti-Amendment One sign (causing a justifiably negative reaction). THIS particular young man, Chris Kaliber, goes farther.

He states on his video page that he is "voting for the Bible."

But the way he chooses to do so has nothing to do with the Bible or the ballot box, but demonstrating that he chooses not to control his water

This is not a joke. I asked him on his video page - "Regardless of how you feel, was it really necessary to do this thing. Make your choice at the ballot box."

This is what he said - "Yes, yes it was."

As disgusting as what this young man does, I don't blame him more than I blame the National Organization for Marriage.

History has shown us that instigators generally come into communities and exploit people's fears, beliefs, and prejudices until chaos arises.

Take a good look, Maggie Gallagher, Brian Brown, and the rest of the folks at NOM. This is what YOU  helped cause.

Editor's note - Again, the only way we can speak out against this madness is to make it known, regardless of how angry we may get.

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Anonymous said...

So, yet another illegal act. Public Urination. S much for conservatives being for law and order.

Bernie Keefe aka OneOfThe Watchers said...

Between NOM and that ridiculous excuse for a pastor today, I'm getting a little tired of these wingnuts.

Chris said...

Someone should show the video to the police there. Public urination (at least in Massachusetts) is grounds for becoming a registered sex offender.

Stacey said...

Here's some more of the NC hate-mongers' handiwork:

Anonymous said...

Evalentine (Diane says)
I had a revelation today….. I have been pondering why the extreme right are so obsessed with not allowing gay marriage. It seems nonsensical to me. Marriage is about commitment, joining together in love. It's about two people willing to sacrifice part of themselves to become something new. Isn't that what they keep going on about?

Well today it came to me. These groups and individuals have their whole existence and purpose of life invested in what would I argue is absurd twisted and perverse view of homosexuality. They cling to this view in the face of overwhelming scientific studies, subject matter experts in the field of sexuality and the evidence of their own eyes. It's out of date by decades. The recent argument with the rather stupid young name is a perfect example.

All and any actions by LGBT individual that highlights the opposite to this view is seen as a threat. So getting married and having committed monogamous relationships is counter to the view that gays are promiscuous. Raising healthy happy children demonstrates that what children need is to be loved by parents who give them stable home with two dads or two mums or a single parent (I was one myself)

Every time a LGBT couple get engaged or married shows to them more that any words or arguments that it is possible to be gay and live a happy fulfilled life.

No point to reparative therapy if it's okay to be and normal gay.

That is why they are so angry they have to prove how right they are. That is why they keep going to extreme measure because they have lost the fight. They are already at the extremes and I expect them to become even more extreme. Expect more sickness. But the reality is it reflects on them more that it does on any LGBT

They don't want that because their lives are meaningless without the hollow construction of their own beliefs.

Anonymous said...

Tampering with a political sign is a misdemeanor in North Carolina. Hopefully, the local authorities have been made aware of this.

Anonymous said...

it shows the maturity level of these people...they need psychological help and I am including all at NOM

Anonymous said...

I hope that urination doesn't result in sex offender registration in NC - just because the dude is a sicko fundamentalist doesn't mean bad laws should be applied to him (or anyone).

I just donated to Protect All Marriages. I hope everyone is doing their best to get out the vote against Amendment 1. Offer rides to young and elderly people who pledge to vote against, and do everything you can.

Xaratherus said...

Absolutely correct, Anonymous.

Someone should forward the link to this video to North Carolina authorities.

Xaratherus said...

He's since removed the video. Sounds like he didn't realize that he was committing a crime. :P