Monday, December 14, 2015

Rubio's tv ad covertly disrespects same-sex relationships and families

Unfortunately, we should expect more of this.

Presidential candidate Marco Rubio attempts to portray those who stand against marriage equality as victims. It's a non sequitir made famous by former NOM head Maggie Gallagher and a cynical attempt to take attention off of the fact that lgbts won the right to marriage equality fair and square.

It is also an attempt to  erase our families and children from the public debate. Coming out of Rubio's deceptive mouth, the phrase "traditional values" seems to be a buzzword to claim that lgbt relationships and families are inferior.


Erica Cook said...

Gee, I'm sorry you feel out of place in your own country. I mean it's almost like your grandfather used to call you a Jew baby half breed or people have threatened to kill you for being gay. I mean, having to respect other people's diversity is such a burden. Also, he's a freaking cowered for not having comments available.

Keir said...

Does anyone else think Rubio's just pandering to religious conservatives? I mean, it must be awful watching your opponent for the Republican presidential nomination(Cruz) have all these religious conservatives rallying behind him. I hear Tony Perkins held a 'secret meeting' with Cruz; showing Perkins' support in doing so. And Brian Brown from the increasing irrelevant NOM is backing Ted. The past news brief on here questions whether Dr James Dobson, former president of FOTF, is considering endorsing Cruz.

If members of the GOP continue to pander to this 'bloc of LGBT inequality' just for it's sweet, sweet endorsement, they will continue to lose my vote.