Monday, December 14, 2015

'Will major anti-gay leader James Dobson endorse Ted Cruz?' & other Mon midday news briefs

Will James Dobson endorse Ted Cruz?

James Dobson: Evangelicals 'Coalescing Around' Ted Cruz Over His Objection To Marriage Equality - And Dobson is claiming that he may endorse Cruz. Cruz is getting closer to the nomination or at least a vice presidential call . . . and all on the back of the lgbt community. 

Religious Right Leader James Dobson To Endorse Ted Cruz - More info and little background on Dobson which underscores that if he does endorse Cruz, run to the other direction . . . and quick! 

 Supreme Court Grants Relief To Lesbian In Alabama Adoption Case - The Supreme Court steps in because Alabama is now playing the "culture war" with same-sex families.

 Anti-gay spokesman's distortions exposed by actual experts on NPR - Just in case you missed this morning's post, Family Research Council spokesman and phony expert Peter Sprigg got caught spewing distortions last week during an NPR debate and I got the transcript to prove it. 

 Rubio Outlines Plan To End Marriage Equality - Because apparent THIS issue is more pressing than other issues to Americans in Rubio's small world.  

Indiana’s Limited LGBT Protections Under Fire By Lawsuit - For those who think the fight for equality is over, if the Rubio piece above doesn't bother you, then check this one out. People actually sit around crafting plans to take away lgbt rights, even if they aren't many. And they are paid good money to do it.

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