Thursday, June 02, 2011

NOM's Brian Brown sets record for most lies told in a letter

UPDATE -  For an update on this story, go here.

It's one thing to lie. But it's quite another to lie so poorly that you are immediately exposed and not care.

The National Organization for Marriage's president, Brian Brown post a letter on NOM's blog. In the letter, he talked about a recent incident in California in which a class was taught gender diversity:

Just when you think it can't get any weirder or more disturbing, an Oakland grade school decided to teach kindergartners about multiple genders, under the banner of preventing bullying.

Watch that video. Look at the children's faces. And then look at the activist from a group called "Gender Spectrum" who wants to embed in these children's minds the idea that we all have a right to make up our own gender(s).

Let's ignore Brown's hysterical tone and do exactly what he says.  Look at the video:

At .42 seconds of the video, the announcer says "these fourth graders were told that in nature, things aren't always what they seem."

Did you catch that? In spite of Brown's and the video claims that these are kindergartners, the announcer clearly says that they are fourth graders.

Now some folks may say "what difference does this make?" It should make a big difference. Why did Brown and NOM feel the need to lie about the grade of the children involved in the lesson plan? To add further hysteria to the false meme of "gays recruiting children," no doubt.

And that's not the only lie told by NOM.

At 1:45, the announcer said, "the school maintains most parents, teachers, and students had no problem with what was taught."

This statement calls into question the accusation lodged by Brown and the title of the video that parents did not consent for their children to be taught these lessons.

A written Fox News story further calls into question the accusation by Brown and NOM that this situation took place without parental consent. The article quoted Oakland Unified School District spokesman Troy Flint saying that parents were given prior notice and in fact, three families opted their children out of the lesson.

The rest of Brown's letter is filled with pathos and descriptions of morality and truth - in between the phony anecdotes of gays persecuting Christians. He even mentions the Catholic Charities in Illinois controversy while omitting the crucial part about taxpayer money and an incident involving a therapist who was busted using "ex-gay" therapy in Great Britain - making sure to make her sound like the victim of course. For the truth of that story, go here.

He even mentions  NOM's efforts to ban marriage equality Minnesota, making sure to omit the ugliness regarding his organization's partner in that effort, the Minnesota Family Council, and its manual linking homosexuality to pedophilia, bestiality, urine and feces consuming:

In 2012, we hope, pray and expect that the people of Minnesota, after a dignified and civil debate, will join 31 other states in voting to protect marriage as the union of one man and one woman.

I think he can kiss that hope goodbye. Finally Brown ends his letter in part with:

Thank you for all you make possible. At NOM we want no less than to be your voice for your values—and for the truth about the human person: We are born male and female, called to come together in love so that the future can happen.

I know what you are thinking because I was thinking it too.

Why can't that old wives tale about lightning striking audacious liars be true?

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Unknown said...

More power to you guys who can dig through this garbage. Liked the stat I saw yesterday that 20% of all media output from NOM have nothing to do with marriage! That's money well spent.