Thursday, June 02, 2016

'Stacey Dash - transgender people should use the the bushes for bathrooms' & other Thur midday news briefs

Stacey Dash: Transgender people should use bushes for bathrooms - You know at first, I regarded Dash as a mild annoyance, i.e. a failed actress who lucked into punditry and saying anything to get a paycheck. But now, the chyle has gotten personal. She sucks up all of the anti-transgender garbage and spews it out. Girlfriend, do you even HAVE a brain to process facts? 

On National TV Obama Is Asked and Answers: 'Why Is Which Bathroom a Person Uses Such an Issue?' - Unlike the person above, our president handled this question with dignity and grace. And of course he gave a wonderful answer (as if there was any doubt.)
 ‘I never wanted to be gay’: Christian musician comes out, in moving letter to fans - And of course some folks are freaking out. I personally wish him the best.

 Ex Gay Activist Janet Boynes Says Acceptance Of Gay Relationships Is A Sign Of The 'Last Days' - Why is it that almost every supposed "ex-gay activist" has a "ministry" which they hope to profit from?

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