Wednesday, January 25, 2017

'Spokesman - DeVos supports marriage equality' & other Wed. midday news briefs

Betsy DeVos Supports Same-Sex Marriage, Spokesman Says - Trump's nominee for Secretary of Education supports marriage equality? After ALL of the stuff we have heard about her family giving generously to anti-lgbt groups and causes, we are just hearing this NOW?! Yeah. Okay. My medicine isn't THAT strong to make me buy that.

Future of U.S. LGBT envoy remains unclear - We are watching this situation with MUCH interest.

You Probably Missed The Troubling Thing Sean Spicer Said About LGBTQ Rights - We caught it.  

Charlotte, N.C., Government Fears Retaliation for Pro-LGBTQ Legislation - And the mess in North Carolina continues. 

 Politics are personal for those who are LGBT, inducing self care - You'd better believe it, jack.

 5 hours later, LGBT non-discrimination ordinance advances 4-3 at relocated council meeting - Even in the midst of negativity, lgbts and our allies are succeeding. From what I hear, the crowd at this council meeting in Jackson City (Michigan) was full of folks who supported the ordinance. Of the 86 speakers, 82 favored it.

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