Monday, July 19, 2010

National Organization for Marriage needs to address hate in its own ranks

The above photo is a scene from the National Organization for Marriage's "Summer for Marriage" Tour which you will probably be seeing a little more of.

This tour has been a failure because in many places, the protestors have outnumbered NOM supporters.

Protests have varied from silent but effective like in New York to a bit unruly but equally effective like in Rhode Island, where this picture was taken.

No doubt Brian Brown, head of NOM and the guy with the microphone, meant for the picture to show how supposedly intolerant lgbt activists are.

Before this talking point even takes root, Brown needs to address the situation regarding a participant of his tour, Louis J. Marinelli.

At one stop, Brown claimed that his group supports the "dignity of all persons."

But amongst other things, Marinelli once remarked in a video that:

. the homosexual agenda is really about the 3 Ps: prostitution, pedophilia, and polygamy.

And on that note, before taking pictures of people to cast negative images of them, maybe Brown should police the nasty rhetoric of other NOM allies instead of attempting to dance around them.

Seems to me that before Brown and NOM attacks the so-called intolerant angry lgbt activists, he would be better served to examine why they are angry.

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