Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Group supports anti-gay laws while speaking against anti-Christian persecution

Brian Brown
Courtesy of Jeremy Hooper of GLAAD comes the news that NOM President Brian Brown has joined, CitizenGO, an international group dedicated to spreading anti-gay animus across the world:

CitizenGO, which is based in Madrid (where Brian recently delivered a speech), is essentially a petitioning platform focused on global issues. In addition to considerable focus on marriage inequality, CitizenGO also promotes and/or directs campaigns in support of speakers who claim that "homosexual activists have played a integral role in the rise of Fascist politics, including Nazism," against the World Health Organization's supposed "promotion" of homosexuality, against Canadian pride parades, and much more.

Hooper even points out that CitizenGo was one of the organizations who endorsed the laws against alleged "gay propaganda" in Russia, laws which have led to widespread violence and other forms of persecution against Russia's lgbt community.

As vile enough as that is, here is something a bit more stomach churning. If one were to go to CitizenGo's twitter address, one would see several tweets speaking against the persecution of Christians in foreign countries, as well as pictures like such:

Where is the consistency or integrity? How can a group who supports or minimizes the persecution of one group stand against the persecution of another.

Since when do supposed Christian groups make a pecking order out of  who deserves dignity, respect, and safety?

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Anonymous said...

It's essential to understand the most powerful of Americans behind this exporting of anti-LGBT hatreds abroad; NOM founder Robert George, whom Boehner appointed the egregiously misnamed U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom. Under that false banner, funded by US tax payers, and as Chair of that Commission, Robert George is the kingpin of Americans spreading anti-LGBT hate abroad.