Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Why can't homophobes stop talking about gays and sex?

We've seen it with 'Porno' Pete LaBarbera and Matt Barber (whom a less polite friend of mine once dubbed the 'Sisters of Sodomy') and now with this absolutely bizarre video.

Why do some homophobes constantly obsess with how they think gays are having sex?

Hat tip to Jeremy Hooper.


Anonymous said...

Start with a false premise, end with a false conclusion. Being gay is not about following a particular 'lifestyle' it is a state of being. Turning the question to what one likes about the 'straight lifestyle' would naturally lead to similar 'conclusions' as those drawn in the video.

Note that the argument is irrational in that it plays on a confusion between 'approving of' and 'finding appealing'. I wouldn't expect a straight person to find the gay 'lifestyle' (whatever that is) any more appealing than I would a gay person to find a straight 'lifestyle' appealing.

However, for the sake of 'argument' (since a strawman is not really a rational argument), what is to be liked about the 'gay lifestyle' is that a person can live honestly with him/herself affirming and accepting the natural path of his/her desires to love and be loved.

Anonymous said...

It is OBVIOUS that the person in the white gloves is a Pastor. Notice no profanity, the "teaching" inflection of his speech. To TOTALLY Pastor. Guy in black gloves maybe a pastor maybe not, but the guy in the white gloves TOTALLY Christian Pastor.

BJ Jackson Lincoln said...

It is creepy how they are so concerned with gay sex they think about it all the time.
If they would get their minds out of the gutter they may find we are so much more than sex machines.
While I do NOT make it a habit to think about others sex life, don't str8 people do most of the same things?
This video is odd. Is "lifestyle" code for "sex"? I am so much more than sex with my wife.

Anonymous said...

"They like to use the word "lifestyle" but what they want their followers to think is sex, because as we know, gay men are not capable of love, they only have sex.