Sunday, January 18, 2015

Anti-gay leader Tony Perkins proves it - his side has NOTHING to refute marriage equality

This morning, Prop 8 lawyer Ted Olson and Family Research Council head Tony Perkins had a debate this morning on Fox News with anchor Shannon Bream as the moderator.

Personally I don't see how any reasonable person can have a debate on Fox News, particularly with someone like Shannon Bream (who is the typical Fox News female anchor - talentless eye candy with a decayed center), but I think Olson did rather well for himself.

With the news that the Supreme Court will be hearing cases which may decide marriage equality in the United States once and for all (keep your fingers crossed and no celebrating UNTIL it's all said and done) and with somewhat of a homefield advantage for Perkins (Fox has interviewed him numerous times without anyone else giving an opposing opinion), one would think that the FRC head would at least try to bring some type of A-game to the debate.

Not so much. It was the same tired old arguments, fear tactics, and misdirections that we are familiar with. Not even Bream could help Perkins as Olson effortlessly beat him down.

Even giving Perkins the last word didn't help because Olson had refuted the point Perkins (i.e. the courts should respect the "will of the people") made in the last word at the beginning of the debate.


Anonymous said...

You don't need to be sexist to prove a point. It doesn't help, but hinders you. There are queer women on your side of this argument and as a queer man you aren't excused of sexism just because it is against a mutual opponent. You're smarter and better than that. Try harder. Don't stoop to lows you don't even need to stoop to. Nice article though.

BlackTsunami said...

I won't apologize for what I said about Shannon Bream because from what I understand, they dress the way they do at the behest of their boss, Roger Ailes. It would seem to me that dressing like eye candy at the behest of your boss is more sexist than someone pointing it out. And to me, the dress like that to appeal to the lowest common denominator of their audience should be pointed out.

Patrick8200 said...

Anonymous should be calling out FOX for their sexism. The only reason that girl has a job is to appeal to middle aged men as eye candy. The fact that the girl probably a fire with gasoline and matches even highlights this fact. Pointing it out is hardly engaging in sexism or sexist behavior.

Erica Cook said...

Alvin isn't sexist. Fox intentionally works to make their women look dumb, and be nothing but something to look at. That isn't Alvin's sexism, that's Fox's. All Alvin is doing is pointing it out.