Tuesday, December 08, 2020

Michele Bachmann can't seem to cope with Trump losing the election

Michele Bachmann

 As the Trump presidency wanes down - no matter how he tries to fight against it - one has to wonder how the religious right i.e. the anti-LGBTQ industry is handling the slow cancellation of their meal ticket.

Some, such as Franklin Graham and the Family Research Council, are being slightly cagey about it. Graham is spending a lot of time on Twitter either citing Biblical verses or focused on other things. FRC is dancing around the issues by not really taking a definite side, but having "educational" interviews about the frivolous lawsuits Trump and company are pursuing in a highly unsuccessful attempt to overturn Biden's win.

Meanwhile, the "second stringers" of the religious right are going all in with the accusations that Trump is being cheated out of a second term. One person in particular is former Congresswoman Michele Bachmann. To put it lightly, ever since Trump lost, she seems to have lost her mind. She's practically transformed herself into Carrie White's mother with her prayers (notice I am speaking in plural, not singular) to God to overturn Trump's loss.  I'm almost expecting her to film herself slapping her husband, Marcus with a Bible while rambling about the "blood and the intercourse" and then dragging him into a closet to pray. That would be, of course, after making him say "Eve was weak."

There was this prayer in November when she asked God to use his "iron rod" against the election.

The following prayer was a few days ago. And it's creepy.
She is supposed to be praying to God, but why does she have her eyes open and looking at the camera:

I am sure that there will be some who will accuse me of shamefully making fun of Bachmann's earnest prayers. Allow the following video to remind you that she is praying for a lie:

In spite of Bachmann's claim, Biden did not win by fraud. Satan did not steal votes. It's not her faith that's the problem. It's her privilege. Bachmann is indicative of the self-righteousness of the conservative evangelical and anti-LGBTQ right. There is not humility or self-examination. No asking for God's wisdom.  Apparently she thinks she can order God around just as Trump thinks he can order the courts and state legislators around.

It's both comical and sad at the same time, but in too poor taste to be considered  campy.


Frank said...

"God, would you deliver..." What ever happened to "THY will be done"?

It is frightening when people mix religion and politics. Not only because it is creepy, but because it always seems their religion must take precedence.

Eric said...

“It's not her faith that's the problem. It's her privilege. ”

I’ll fix that:

“It's not her faith that's the onlyproblem. It's her privilege as well.”

Unknown said...

I prefer the delusional people in my life to at least be happy in their delusions.