Tuesday, March 29, 2016

'NC Gov McCrory is deep in homophobic mess of his own making' & other Tue. midday news briefs

NC Gov McCrory was warned. He didn't listen.

NC Guv Blames Media For Backlash Against New Anti-Gay Law (VIDEO) - This interview with the Charlotte Observer proves that NC Gov. Pat McCrory is having significant trouble defending the state's new anti-lgbt law. And it gets better for us, worse for him. 

North Carolina AG won’t defend anti-LGBT law in court - Granted, he is a Democrat who will be running for governor himself, but the optics can't be good for McCrory. 

 Corporations threaten boycott over Georgia, North Carolina legislation seen as “anti gay” - An article from two days ago, but gives a great look at the trouble NC is having.

New York City and State, Seattle Employees Banned From 'Non-Essential' Travel to North Carolina - We are talking SERIOUS trouble.

 Gov. John Bel Edwards to Rescind Bobby Jindal's Horrific Anti-Gay 'Religious Freedom' Order - Good for him! That's the difference between a good official and a pathetic panderer. 

 Transgender Student Settles Locker Room Case With University Of Pittsburgh - Sounds like the case came out in the young man's favor. Good! 

 Lawmaker Delivers Mind-Bending Series Of Arguments Against LGBT Protections - Oh Lord! His comments are a hot mess.  

Mat Staver: The Fight To Reverse Marriage Equality 'Will Never Be Over' - Bring it on, bitch! 

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Patrick Fitzgerald said...

“The governor (Pat McCrory) insisted that the new law has ‘not taken away any rights that currently existed in any city in North Carolina.’”

The man (with the help of the legislature) legalized the discrimination of LGBT Americans SPECIFICALLY, spent $42,000 of taxpayer money to do it and now feels he and his state are being unfairly maligned? Oh poor baby, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh *deep breath* waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!