Wednesday, August 08, 2018

Hypocrisy and deliberate paranoia defined - Franklin Graham when marriage equality was legalized

As nauseating as the following the video is, there is so much to unpack from this Fox News interview which Todd Starnes conducts with Franklin Graham. It took place three years ago  when marriage equality was legalized.

Three interesting points to make:

1. No pastors have been attacked, put in jail, or forced to perform gay weddings. Of course we knew that wasn't going to happen.

2. The idea of gays targeting so-called Christian businesses was definitely a narrative created by folks like Graham way before all of this ado about "religious liberty." It was, and still remains a way to cover up their sour grapes over the fact that they lost the marriage equality fight.. On the whole, however, that fearmongering about marriage equality bringing in anti-Christian persecution was bull. Of course Starnes and Graham most likely knew that at the time.

3. It's amazing how Franklin Graham went from "America has a moral crisis" back then to the now excuses of Donald Trump isn't "president perfect" and his extramarital affairs are "no one's business." 

Apparently a little power brings out the hypocrisy in some people.

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