Wednesday, December 19, 2018

'Parents & communities defend Drag Queen Story Hour against naysayers' & other Wed midday news briefs

Drag Queen Story Hour is popular with parents and their children.

Huntington Woods debate: Kill or keep library's Drag Queen Story Hour?

 Councilman faces backlash after criticizing Drag Queen Story Hour

 Science supports Evansville's 'Drag Queen Story Hour'

In Michigan and Indiana communities, some folks "came for" - bared their fangs at - the event known as Drag Queen Story Hour.  They were promptly sent back with heads lowered and the tails between their legs by other members of the community who refused to condemn the event. To the contrary, Drag Queen Story Hour was shown to have mega support.

This Is How LGBT Women's Media Is Fighting Back Against An Anti-Trans Movement - hell yes! That TERF crap has to be exposed and shouted down. I do NOT stand for anyone in our community seeking to dehumanize other brothers and sisters/

Gus Kenworthy burned Trump with a ball culture reference & queer Twitter is here for it - You better believe it. The Orange Menace isn't allowed to say "Paris Is Burning" . . . for any reason.

Denver Mayor Moves To Ban Conversion Therapy For LGBTQ Minors - This is sweet!

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