Thursday, November 15, 2018

IF you care about LGBTQ equality & safety, you need to check out the devastating webpage 'NoGaysAllowed'

A new website,, is calling out the largest and most powerful anti-LGBTQ hate group in America, the Alliance Defending Freedom, and it's not taking any prisoners (Editor's note - click on the graphics if they are too small to read):

Finally recognizing how ADF and other anti-LGBT hate groups and organizations tend to play nice in the public eye via perfectly coiffed spokespeople and precisely rehearsed talking points, NoGaysAllowed is taking it upon itself to yank all of the organization's garbage out of the closet and into the streets.


 And basically calling out the ADF's exploits not only in America:

But also around the world:

And easily one of the most brutally telling parts of NoGaysAllowed is when the webpage compares what ADF spokespeople say publicly about LGBTQ issues versus what they say about the same issues the group's supporters:

NoGaysAllowed calls out ADF for its lies and deception with nothing more than facts. But the facts are always devastating.  It should be saved and passed along by everyone who cares about the LGBTQ community, our rights, our safety, our families, and especially our children:

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