Tuesday, December 04, 2018

'Powerful testimonials tell of being forced to go through 'ex-gay' therapy' & other Tue midday news briefs

Can't Be Converted: Child Abuse in Utah - The Advocate magazine is running a series of testimonials from folks who were forced to go through "ex-gay" or "conversion therapy" in states where it remains legal to be forced on minors. The series, "Can't Be Converted" is powerful stuff. The one spotlit today is from a young lady who was forced to undergo this fraudulent therapy at age 15 when her parents discovered she had a girlfriend. 

Ryan Murphy has a multi-million dollar plan to vote out anti-LGBTQ politicians - I'm all for this but don't be telling everybody. Have some "super villain realness." You think Lex Luthor brags about his plans? 

This woman is suing a Florida prison for thinking she was transgender instead of menopausal - This incident makes me doubly sick. The fact that it happened to her at all is awful enough. But the fact that if she  were transgender, a lot of folks crying foul about the abuse she suffered probably would not care.

Gay cadet discharged after diagnosis fights military HIV ban - Good for him! 

A college football coach of the year recruited openly gay player while others got cold feet - Wow! Not bad at all. A winning player is a winning player.

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