Thursday, July 03, 2014

Anti-gay extremist inspires AWFUL song, video

A very dear online friend pointed this out to me.

Apparently aside from causing anti-gay violence and awful laws in foreign countries, Scott Lively seems to be offhandedly declaring war on the music industry. From his webpage:


You will be blessed by this amazing song “The Rainbow Belongs to God. It was written my friend Johny Noer, a Danish pastor living in the Negev Desert of Israel, and performed by the very talented singer/composer Signe Walsoe.  Johny was an attendee and guest lecturer at my Bible seminar in England last fall and was inspired by my article/strategy “The Rainbow Belongs to God” which I created to encourage the Russians to reclaim the rainbow as a Christian symbol during the Winter Olympics. This beautiful music video is a fruit of our ministry partnership and I encourage you to forward it to your pro-family friends around the world.

Well. Wasn't that putrid on so many levels. Now let me take a guess what the song and video's defenders may say: "This song is about God, it's not about hatred towards anyone."

If you watched even a small part of that video, the following is the antidote:



Jennifer Linville said...

Wtf did I actually just listen to?! That song is fully laced with hatred.

BJohnM said...

Is "rainful" a word? Besides, the rainbow comes "after the rain."

Jennifer, I don't know how you got the hate out of it. The lyrics and tune are so awful, I couldn't figure out what they hell the composer was trying to say.

The Dangerous Mezzo said...

I couldn't get past the "bowstring of iron wire". It's just so bad. I didn't get to the hatred of homosexuals, but someone hates the muses of both poetry and music.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting that over at Joe Jervis' blog, it was mentioned that "God" appeared to have blessed the Toronto pride parade, with a great big glorious rainbow. But I imagine that rainbow was caused by some sort of science-y reason. Also, thanks to Jennifer for "taking one for the team" and actually listening to the thing, I couldn't get past the 2nd verse, and I have been able to bear repeated listenings of Corey Feldmans "Ascention Millenium"

threepizzasguy said...

I got through the 1st part but it wanted to restart after that & my phone is being very slow to load it all. And I had to mute it so that I could focus on the words. As an instrumental piece, this has a very beautiful melody, which belies the message of pending judgment for LGBTQ people. Now the writer is correct in saying that "the rainbow belongs to God." Yet nowhere in Hebrew or Christian scriptures that I'm aware of does God's promise of the rainbow ever imply judgment. In fact, God makes it very clear when He says, "I will never again destroy th earth by flood." That's a promise of hope, not judgment.

Now there are other times when He speaks of hell. In fact, Jesus talked about it more than anyone else in written scripture! And I do believe in a literal hell, a total darkness & permanent separation from God. But using the rainbow in that context is nothing short of false teaching / prophecy. And we know the hell that awaits those people! They are among the ones whom Jesus spoke of when He taught about hell!